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19 February 2004 - 31 December 2099
Viljandimaa, Viljandi

Viljandi Museum

The museum studies, collects, keeps and displays objects and materials related to the history, culture, way of living and nature of the town and the county of Viljandi.

The exhibition house of Viljandi Museum is located in an 18th century chemist’s standing at the edge of the General Laidoner Square. One can find interesting exhibits like a miniature of the castle of the order, a reconstruction of an ancient warrior, a full-size copy of the kiln-drying room, the largest stuffed pike ever caught with amateur fishing equipment, dioramas on Soviet-time farming designed by the artist Juhan Muks and a reconstruction of a WWII battle scene.

Opening hours: Wed–Sun 10:00-17:00

Established: 1878
Collection: 124 000

Information about the museum provided by the Estonian Museum Association (web-page

Kindral Laidoneri sq 10

Viljandi Museum
(+372) 43 33 316; 43 33 663
Kindral Laidoneri plats 10, 71020 Viljandi, Viljandi county

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