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10 July 1998 - 10 July 2020
Vinni commune, Viru-Jaagupi, Lääne-Virumaa

Viru-Jaagupi Museum

The local lore museum consists of three rooms: room of an old farmhouse, a kiln-drying room and a technology room.

Viru-Jaagupi Museum is located in a three-storey former schoolhouse made of flagstone.
The building itself is worth seeing as a former school (1908–2001). The schoolhouse is surrounded by beautiful scenery; a cenotaph of the artist brothers Raud can be found in the yard.

In the room of an old farmhouse you can see a battle club of church boys, a cradle and a chest for clothes; in a kiln-drying room take a look at flax brake, cards, flails, harnesses; and in technology room see TVs, radios, cameras, typewriters, computers. Some old radios are functioning. One can also try typewriting.

Opening hours: Mon–Fri 10:00-12:00
At other time advance notice required

Established: 1998
Collection: ca 600

Information about the museum provided by the Estonian Museum Association (web-page

Kooli 7

Viru-Jaagupi Museum
(+372) 32 96 285, 52 82 624
Kooli 7, Viru-Jaagupi, 46604 Vinni commune, Lääne-Virumaa

Time: 01.4.2011- 30.4.2011
Event type: Museums
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