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30 June 1995 - 30 June 2020
Häädemeeste commune, Pärnumaa

House Museum of Captain-Shipowner Jakob Markson

The exposition introduces a typical 19th century Estonian captain’s home with a storehouse, sauna, granary, barn, dwelling house and cart sheds.

The storehouse is equipped with tools used for making sailing ships; the granary is full of old farming equipment. The dwelling house, having a veranda with fretwork windows, demonstrates the typical construction style of those days and a home organ dating back to 1891.
At the museum, one can enjoy the shimmer of sea waves in sunset and hear the endless song of the swans.

Opening hours:
1. May – 31. October: every day 10:00-18:00
1. November – 31. April: advance notice required

Established: 1995

Information about the museum provided by the Estonian Museum Association (web-page


House Museum of Captain-Shipowner Jakob Markson
(+372) 44 98 442; 44 64 283; 53 426 481
Kabli, 86002 Häädemeeste commune, Pärnu county

Time: 01.3.2012- 31.3.2012
Event type: Museums
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